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Austen Sweetin's Zeal Optics Sunglasses Giveaway - Snowboard Northwest

Austen Sweetin’s Zeal Optics Sunglasses Giveaway

FREE Zeal Tofino sunglasses

FREE Zeal Tofino sunglasses

Free Sunglasses!!!WHAT???

It’s almost summer in the Northwest! It’s our favorite time of the year, besides winter. And when the suns out, you need some cool shades to protect your eyes as well as looking good. So, the fine folks at Zeal Optics teamed up with us to give away a pair of their sunglasses. Zeal Optics has a pretty rad team of riders, including a Northwest favorite, Austen Sweetin as well as legendary snowboarder Jussi Oksanen, followed up by Kimmy Fasani, Andrew Burns, and Pat Milbery. The sunglasses we’re giving away are the Tofino model, which retail for $139.00 and they’re pretty sick as they’re polarized and fully teched out!

Austen Sweetin is going to pick a photo to win some free Zeal Optics

Austen Sweetin is going to pick a photo to win some free Zeal Optics

“One of the things I love about ZEAL is that they make all their sunglasses sustainably from the castor plant! And the styles are bad ass!” – Austen Sweetin

Here’s how to win:
Post a photo on Instagram of your most memorable adventure snowboarding this season between now and July 4, 2014.
Tag @zealoptics @snowboardnorthwest @austensweetin and #snowboardnorthwestzeal on your photos.
Multiple entries are acceptable, as long as the photos are high quality.
On July 5th Austen Sweetin will pick his favorite photo and the winner will receive some fresh Zeal Optics Tofino Shades.

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Photos will be displayed here:

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Want to know more about Zeal Optics? Here’s an interview we recently did with Mike Lewis, Digital Marketing Manager, to get to know who these guys are:

What is the story behind Zeal Optics and how was it founded?
ZEAL Optics was founded by a passionate couple, lifelong outdoor enthusiasts based in Moab, Utah, in 1997. The power of the Rockies drew this duo to the alpine peaks every winter to make turns and they expanded the line to include some of the best goggles on the planet and moved their operations to Boulder, Colorado – our current home base. In the last few years, ZEAL has brought in an entire new team of passionate riders, explorers and wanderers to steer the ship and a stellar team of ambassadors to spread the word of ZEAL.

Who are the team riders?
For a small brand, we’re very stoked on the talent that has been drawn to the brand based on its product, materials, and authenticity. Our shreds include Jussi Oksanen, Austen Sweetin, Kimmy Fasani, Andrew Burns, Pat Milberry, Craig Beaulieu, and Jake Bauer to name a few.

What makes Zeal unique from other companies?
It’s hard to stand out in the crowded world of optics, but ZEAL’s story is truly unique. We are the most sustainable sunglass company in the world and the most technical goggle company. What does this mean? On the sunglass side, all of our glasses are made from plant-based resins – there’s no petroleum in our shades. Any of them. We also created the first certified biodegradable sunnies. Drop them in the ocean, bury them, put them on the moon – basically anywhere without oxygen – and they’ll disappear in 18 months.

On the goggle side, we were the first to offer GPS-integrated goggles and HD Camera integration — and next year’s HD2 Camera Goggles are going to be mind blowing. With an updated camera and in-goggle display, a 50% reduction in weight and volume and a WiFi hotspot, the game is about to change. Teletubbies need not apply. But our tech goes well beyond wearable technology – next year’s line will feature a huge array of polarized lens options ranging from our Polar Auto lens, that changes tint with the light conditions, to a full array of polarized options that meet whatever conditions the mountain throws at you and protect your eyes for a lifetime of riding.

Can you tell us what the planning process involves before you decide on a new design for a product?
This is a long, fun road from concept to roll out. It starts with an idea from our crew or our team riders. Ideas become drawings, which beget samples and endless testing in the conditions they’ll battle in their existence to make your day amazing. After about a dozen rounds of feedback, new samples, more testing, and final production ideas become in-store reality a year or so down the road. It’s a rad journey from “what if?” to fun!

What types of things do you do to support the scene / contribute to the community?
At ZEAL we focus on three main pillars – Passion, Purpose, and Adventure. Adventure is providing gear and inspiration to meet your needs as you explore more. Our Passion is reducing our footprint on the earth to keep the wilds untrammeled for everyone to explore and get fresh tracks. Our Purpose is to give back to the community. This comes in a variety of forms from growing the 5480 Forest, an area that we plant with 5,480 trees every year to combat deforestation from the pine beetle here in Colorado, to working with a multitude of non-profits ranging from POW to groups such as 5 Gyres that are fighting to clean up plastic pollution in the ocean. The list goes on and on – it’s amazing the inspiration we find in people that are devoting their lives to making all of ours more enjoyable.

What are a few products you’d like to highlight? Tell us why you enjoy these particular products and what they are good for.
We’ve launched 67 new sunglasses in the last couple months and we’re so stoked on some of our new Outdoor shades as we head into summer. The TRACKER and RANGE have been amazing for mountain biking, fishing and split board approaches this spring. The Crafted x Metals collection has definitely kept us feeling like ballers driving around town, and the MEMPHIS and ACE, our two new biodegradable pieces, are keeping us looking good, and feeling good, everywhere we go!

Anything we can expect from Zeal in the future?
Solar-powered jet pack goggles. No, probably not, but better cell phone integration in our goggles along with biodegradable goggles will be pretty cool!

Final thoughts:
You get one shot at this life. Test your boundaries, try new things, make mistakes, but most importantly make a difference. Every time you try something new you make a difference – is it for the better? That’s our mantra as we journey down the road to EXPLORE MORE!!

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