Verts Snowshoes

Verts Snowshoes Review


If you want a secret weapon for hiking through the pow this winter then look no further than Verts Snowshoes. These aren’t your grandpas snowshoes, they are light and fit in your backpack. We were introduced to them by Brian Schaefer and got seriously hooked on them after that. Powder is addictive and Verts help to get more of it faster by saving you the hassle and awkward feeling of punching through the snow searching for solid ground. Basically if you are hiking through snow these bad boys keep you afloat even above the deepest snow and you can even climb uphill with them. This isn’t an ad for them, its a public service announcement that you will be more stoked, faster moving, and have drier boots if you use them for hiking, especially deep backcountry locations. I use them to maneuver when breaking trail to find new angles for filming.

The Breakdown

Stoke Level

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