Ted McColl Full Snowboard Part 2014

Ted McColl - Photo by Jordan Ingmire

Ted McColl – Photo by Jordan Ingmire

What is your snowboard story/history?
My dad was a ski bum back in the day so I grew up skiing since before I could remember. At around 10 years old the homies and I were getting into skating and wakeboarding and we had to make the switch from skis to a board. From there I rode Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains and made the three-hour trek to Stevens Pass here and there. When I was 16 I moved up to Stevens area for the winter and have been coming back every winter since.

Why do you think all these peninsula kids are all blowing up and doing big things these days?
I think that where we grew up was a huge factor for us. My brother and I grew up right down the road from Mervin Manufacturing and all of the Lib Tech/GNU dudes had always been supportive of us peninsula locals. Also having the Olympics in our backyard made it easier to get out and ride. Since there are just two rope tows and a poma lift, it pushed us to use our own two legs to explore the backcountry and earn our turns. We were able to get a lot of experience in the backcountry at a young age.

I’m always getting weird on a GNU snowboard. Vitalire Clothing is always keeping me fresh. Findlay Hats provides the best hats in the world that will stay on your head while shredding. I’m talking to people about working together for this season so you’ll probably catch me screwing on some new bindings or repping some new outerwear.

Ted McColl - Photo by Issac Gautschi

Ted McColl – Photo by Issac Gautschi

Goals for this season?
Have as much fun as I possibly can. That’s always the goal when you’re in the mountains. But other than that we have a lot planned for filming and producing more videos for everyone to enjoy. One big goal is to make it to Japan to ride some new terrain.

What is your philosophy to snowboarding and why you do it?
Hmm I don’t really think its something you could put into words. I guess the philosophy is to do what you can to ride as much as you can, and enjoy every bit of it. I ride because it makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, it’s honestly just the best time ever.

Favorite snowboarders, parts, spots you were stoked on growing up?
Ahh there are so many people in the snowboard industry to get stoked on and inspired by. Halldor Helgason, especially his part in Black Winter, got me really stoked and was a big influence. Mack Dawg’s Follow Me Around was also a big influence for me. As far as spots there is nowhere that gets me more stoked about riding than the good ol’ northwest. The falling snow right now is getting me especially stoked.

What makes it so fun to shred w your brother Jack?
I think the main thing is just that we have been doing for so long together, along with our good friend Ryan Tucker, that we just have our routine down. We have been exploring mountains and building jumps together since we were kids and have a good team vibe with everything we do. We just want airtime, face shots, and laughs, that’s what makes it so fun.

Tell us about your bathrobe and why its such a comfy thing to wear off the slopes?
Robes are just the best outfit for lounging haha. It’s just like a wearable blanket that is so much cooler than a snuggie. They are even Hugh Hefner approved so you know robes are the real deal. I also wore my robe both days of a music festival this past summer and can say that it made for a damn comfy experience.

Whats the trick you’d like to learn but haven’t got yet?
The backside 1260, I slide into one over rotating a back 10 and have since then been dreaming about it. I’d also like to land a double cork or two in the pow, we’ll see how it works out.

Whats your part all about? How was your season like last year?
My part is all about my experience shredding the northwest this past season, plain and simple. The season was amazing; Washington parks have been providing great features for Washington riders and the powder is all time. I was however gone on tour with my homies band Emblem3 for about 5 weeks and happened to leave right as the powder started coming in big. This year I’m putting 100% of my efforts toward the mountain though, so I’m excited to have more time with the powder.

What is one thing snowboarding hasn’t seen yet that needs to go down or get invented?
I think the main thing that needs to go down is for everyone to really create their own unique style. Its so easy to just see and do the main basic tricks but what makes snowboarding fun is the unique flare that an individual adds while riding.

Everyone at Mervin Manufacturing
Findlay Hats
Vitalire Clothing
Jeremy and Dan from Snowboard Northwest
My parents for all the support
Ethan Strahan for teaching proper booter building
Rodney Caldwell and Ole Bekkevar
Dee and Dani
Stevens Pass Legends Kurt Jenson, Tim Carlson, and Joe Bosler
And the Hurricane Ridge Winter Access Coalition.

Ted McColl - Photo by Jimmy Hickey

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