Summit At Jib Creek Photos and Video

“At the Up Jib Creek rail jam we knew everyone would slide on a heavy frost, if they could. And honestly it almost came to that. We had a little bit of snow and a whole lot of enthusiasm when the mountain management got behind the idea….then came the rain. Not a heavy mist or some of the other terms us Northwesterners use. Nope a real downpour. Still the park crew shoveled on. They hauled snow out of the trees, from the shaded areas next to buildings, and finally used a loader to move some snow in from the parking lots. Then the magic happened, that’s to say, if garbage can loads of snow being moved in the rain by a smiley face is not magic? No the Real Magic happened, proof that there is a GOD, and they must be a jibber, when at 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon it started to snow. What could have been viewed as an exercise in pure stubbornness, directed at the face of old man winter, now turned into a great rush of relief and thanks. Thanks Old Man winter for showing up. Thanks for making the small amount of snow we had look really great. Thanks for showing us all that a little bit of snow is definitely better than a heavy frost.

The Riders came in hoards. They couldn’t be stopped either. (There was an hour wait in the chain-up area at the bottom of the pass.) They waited patiently in line to hit the few features we had set–up. There were high fives galore and some heckling. The one thing most of us noticed was how much damn fun it was to be back on the snow again. Man, we can’t wait to do that again! Our team syndicate rider Mikey Swearingen slayed the Neff channel wallride with his sick skate style, and Eythan frost jibbed the top rails with ease. Check out how much fun we had in the photos and video recaps!” – Keaton Rodgers

Keala Cole Photo by Bryan Giddens
Keala Cole Photo by Bryan Giddens

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