Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop

Words and images by Dan Manning

With the closing of Snowboard Connection in Seattle, Mt. Baker Snowboard Shop going up for sale, and a plethora of other local shops closing their doors permanently over the last several years, it’s becoming more and more rare to be able to walk in to a snowboard shop to buy gear these days.

Luckily there’s still a few core shops around keeping it real and sharing the love of snowboarding.  Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop has been a staple on the way to Stevens Pass for years now.  Everyone they hire to work there is 100% dedicated to snowboarding.   That passion goes beyond just selling gear.

They even have their own rental department and rent out not only snowboard gear, but ski gear as well.  I decided to take my 21 month old son up snowboarding for the first time a few weeks ago and went and talked to Bo who owns the rental shop and he had everything necessary for my little guy to go get his shred on.  Bo is a very friendly guy and is very professional in how he get’s people set up.

After a short wait to get all set up, we headed up to Stevens Pass and got Zeke up on the magic carpet and proceeded to have him ride down with my support.  All in all, it was an amazing day seeing my tiny little guy in his snowboard gear and riding on an 80 CM board.


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