Sp**ng Happens

Each year it inevitably happens. The temps slowly climb and with it so do the snow levels. The snowpack that once so amply blanketed the mountains slowly recedes and with it slowly but surely goes another winter season.  Around this time of the year most people change gears. They start thinking about making a break for spring and summer activities. One by one they start to put away their boards and skis in exchange for their spandex and blades. Well maybe not spandex and blades but you get the idea. Its time to face the facts that winter is losing its perpetual battle with spring. Some people however don’t give up on winter quite as easy. They do what they can to combat the changing of the seasons. A few days ago I spent a day in the Mt Baker Backcountry with Nick Ennen and Kurt Jenson as they did what they could to fight back. We searched for winter snow and good terrain.  We found some decent snow and hit a few kickers but inevitably spring won the battle.  That didn’t matter. A good time was had by all and we’ll live to fight for another day. We don’t give up and neither should you.

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