SBNW Fest 2014 – Recap

The Snowboard Northwest Fest x Really Gotta Wanna premiere party was held Thursday November 13th at the Guild 45th in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. We had a sold-out crowd of 500+ people turn out for the films and the after party at the Iron Bull. The point of the event was to bring the Northwest Shred Community together for a night of stoke before the season starts. We gathered sponsors from all over the region and some of the best riders and filmmakers to show their films. The first hour was dedicated to short edits submitted by filmmakers and riders who put together their own parts.

Sponsors provided a ton of giveaways like snowboards, a Stevens Pass Seasons Pass, outerwear, posters, beanies, hats, gloves, goggles, food and just about anything a snowboarder could want.
Sponsors for the SBNW Fest:
SPSS, Casual Industrees, Findlay Hats, GNU, Lib Tech, Vitalire, Capita, Stevens Pass,, Full Circle, Sims Snowboards, ZICO, KIND Bars, 686, Pow Gloves, GCW Bindings RPZN.

Pre-Show Opening Roll:

Ken Kelley Tribute – by Kurt Jenson

One Year of Chaos – Findlay Hats

Capita Defenders of Awesome Teaser

Catching up with Casual Industrees

SBNW Fest 2014 Intro – Jeremy Dubs

names sbnw
#1 – The Meatgrinder | Edit by Tyson Anderson | Filming by Fresh Cut Films, Sam Tarbill, and Jeremy Dubs

#2 – Huellas Feat Manuel Diaz | By Nico Harasic

#3 – Morgan “Coonhead” Rose | Edit by Joel Smith, Kurt Jenson, Jeremy Dubs | Filming by Nick Ennen, Scott Studach, Jeremy Dubs, Seth Hill

#4 – Kevin Hanson | By The Catfish Chronicles

#5 – Jack McColl | Edit by Jack McColl/Fresh Cut Films

#6 – Slush Cup | By Michael Dyrland and Wil Drake of Empty Roll Productions

#7 – Ted McColl | Edit by Ted McColl/Fresh Cut Films

#8 – MTN2SEA | By Scott Studach

#9 – Ryan Tucker | Edit by Ryan Tucker/Fresh Cut Films

#10 – #iPhoneOnly | By Matt Wainhouse

#11 – Monthage | By Eric Miller

The Headliner movie was Seth Hill & Red Bull Present Really Gotta Wanna, a story about what it takes to be a snowboarder these days. Seth traveled the world to show the different aspects he is involved with in the snowboard scene from contests to backcountry to street riding. The action packed movie was edited by Kurt Jenson, and its quite a good one.

The audience was given the opportunity to vote for their favorite videos that night. While the process proved to be a bit chaotic, enough people got their votes in and the voting was very close. Jack McColl ended up beating out Eric Miller by one vote. After the premiere we hit up the judges for their votes, with a deadline of Sat Night at Midnight to get them in.

Eric Miller-Jeremy Dubs-Jack McColl
Viewers Choice Award: Jack McColl ($300)
Runner-up: Eric Miller ($200)

SBNW judges choice award
Judges Choice Award: The Meatgrinder
Runner-up (Tie): Eric Miller and Ryan Tucker

We ended the night with the SBNW Awards and a wild after party.
Snowboard Northwest Rider of the Year: Austen Sweetin
Snowboard Northwest Legend of the Year: Jamie Lynn
Snowboard Northwest Rookie of the Year: Matt Wainhouse
Snowboard Northwest ARob/Donkey/Ken Kelley Memorial Charger of the Year Award: Morgan Rose

I liked that U got to see a little of everyone and got to compare it
to my own and learn ………” – Morgan “Coonhead” Rose (Winner of The Snowboard NW ARob/Donkey/Ken Kelley Memorial NW Charger Award)

“The atmosphere in the theatre was unmatched by any other premiere. Always a good time rallying the crew together to get stoked one more time before we all head to the mountains again. It’s like a high school reunion, except without all the people you don’t care to see.” – Chris Cahill (ZICO/EVO Badass & Designer of the Graphics for the Snowboard Northwest Fest)

“Between the insane amount of northwest local support and bringing so
many good friends together, the stoke meter was constantly maxing
out! Being able to vote for your favorite NW local snowboard part followed
by a RedBull produced film was sick! Super innovative style of
premiere, which I think everyone was stoked to the max about.” – Jack McColl (Winner Snowboard NW Fest Viewers Choice Award)

“It was honestly one of my favorite premieres I’ve ever been to simply because of the pure PNW camaraderie — local riders, filmmakers, and fans intermingling and celebrating each other for one common purpose: snowboarding. It was the perfect event to jumpstart the upcoming season and I hope to see future events just like this. Such a rad experience!” – Eric Miller (Runner-up Snowboard NW Fest Viewers Choice Award & Judges Choice Award)

“Bringing together some of the best athletes, film makers and cool cats in the Northwest, the SBNW Film Festival was just a grand ol’ time. Well worth the 3 hour trip in our sketchy limo! Shout out to the Centralia cops for pushing us down the freeway in Neutral haha!” – Jimmy Hickey (Owner of Findlay Hats)

“It’s always amazing to see a local snowboard community rally around
and support a new grassroot event. The shared stoke I saw in Seattle
was awesome.” -Marc Vitelli (Sims Snowboards)

“Right when I walked up I knew it was going off! Friendly faces lined
around the block, high fives for days, and a sold out show. What a
better way to kick off the season than with a night of Awesome videos
& tons of product handouts!” – Tony Richards (Owner of Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop)

“The Snowboard Northwest Film Fest was such a killer venue to showcase our local NW shredders! Being able to watch everyones season edits back to back with the whole community together was top notch.” – Craig Davis (Co-Owner / Sales Manager Vitalire Clothing)

“The night was amazing from the Rainier’s before the movies, to the 2am Dick’s Cheeseburgers, everything was perfect. The Northwest Shredders are the best people on earth.” – Jesse Whitford (Trophy Designer & Co-Founder of GCW Bindings)

“Thanks for having us, you guys are killing it, had the best premiere experience I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to shred dude.” – Austin Curran (Casual Industrees)

“It was the next best thing to a pow day, the entire snow community
was out, and the event felt way more collaborative than anything I had
been too before w/ riders submitting their own edits.” – Dan Reid
(Casual Industrees Founder)

“Snowboard Northwest Fest and the Seattle premiere of “Really Gotta Wanna” brought out a ton of great local riders, filmers, and editors projects from last season. It was rad to see such awesome riding and efforts from the crews. The stoke was high in the theater and the after party went off. LET IT SNOW!” – Thomas Mooney (Owner of Unlimited Stache)

“Dope night of movies. Really Gotta Wanna was sick!” – Alex Schirer (Kind Snacks)

“It was a great night! I really felt like it brought the entire Northwest Snowboard Community closer. Amazing talent we have up here. Great turn out for a great event. Thank you.” – Ryan Brooks (Audience member and Glacier, WA local)

“It was nice to see that the new generation of WA snowboard filmmakers
has not doubled, but actually multiplied. Whether they’re shooting on
FS700’s, drones, or iPhones they’re showing how epic snowboarding is
in this corner of the nation despite its unfriendly filming

With the continued blood, sweat and tears of the filmmakers & riders,
combined with the support of the snowboard community, there will
always be a packed full-house at the premiere. As snowboarding grows
in popularity, these videos will protect snowboarding from being
labeled “just another sport”. We can never take for granted the
1000’s of hours these guys spend standing in the snow, which sometimes
includes watching their buddies get multiple face shots of pow while
the guy with the camera is cleaning off his lens packing up a tripod.”
– Joel Smith (Filmmaker)

“I’m blown away by the immense support that the Northwest snowboard community showed to this film festival with about 500 people in attendance. Snowboard Northwest was first conceptualized only 60 weeks before the time of the film festival, so it was pretty incredible to see how much support we’ve received already. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned.” – Manning Shredtography (Snowboard Northwest)


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