RIP Ken Kelley tribute video

Ken Kelley was a Stevens Pass legend who recently passed away while riding up at Stevens Pass.

“You can always spot Ken from a mile away, whether it was his wide smile or fluidity choosing a line down the hill. It’s tough that Stevens Pass has suffered so much loss of love and life in recent seasons, but it makes the good times that much richer and more meaningful. Ken truly embodied the spirit of the mountain: solid, quiet, genuine and legit. You will be missed. Please say hello to the boys for me”.  — Matt Gormley

This is footage of Ken Kelley filmed in 2007 for “Land of a Thousand Blunts.” Sorry for the poor quality, it’s all that I could find digital; it’s from when I was first learning to use a camera. Stevens Pass for Life… Thanks to Scott Studach for the footage.

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