Photo of the Day: Byron Bagwell goes mute through the trees.

IMG_5803_v3When it is snowing in the northwest we head to the trees to find some sanity amidst the chaos.  O.K, I head to the trees because I can’t see shit when it’s nuking and my gear will inevitably get wet and/or fogged if I use it for any amount of time.  Even with the protection of the canopy, I still might encounter falling branches, mushroom pillows to the dome, and giant avalanches of snow falling from any possible direction, including the sky. Tree hallways and pillow poppers are still some of my favorite subject matter to shoot.  With this one, Byron and I were headed through a classic Mt. Baker zone, and encountered a modest-sized takeoff into a small hallway of trees.  A quick pat-down and Byron was in the air.  This was the result.


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