Naturestyle: Hokkaido Japan Snowboarding / Ski Teaser for the Teaser

Naturestyle: Hokkaido, Japan
Naturestyle is an all 4K documentary about five athletes from Washington State who visit Hokkaido, Japan on a mission to ride Japanese mountains and learn more about the local culture. After two months of filming and many more of editing, the movie is nearing completion. Starring Joe Bosler, Andy Bergin-Sperry, Kevin Curran, Jackson Blackburn, Andy Stern + more friends they meet along the way. Directed/Filmed/Edited by Jeremy Dubs.

This is the Teaser for the Teaser.

A huge shoutout to all the Kickstarter backers who supported this project. The movie will be available via iTunes this winter.

Joe Bosler Snowboarding in Niseko, Japan

Joe Bosler Snowboarding in Niseko, Japan

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