Mission Ridge’s Stairway to Shreddin 2014

The 2014-15 shred season kicked off at 4:30 a.m. Saturday November 22nd to the sound of “Mister Rogers” by Grynch as my alarm tone. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my board, hopped in my car and picked up my good buddy Guy Firth, and we were on our way to whiter pastures. After a short stop in Leavenworth for a tasty breakfast at Good Mood Food, we arrived at Mission Ridge Ski resort just before they began to load the first chairs. We wasted no time getting geared up and getting on the first chair of the season.

As soon as we had our feet strapped in, we were instantly overwhelmed with that old familiar feeling of peaceful bliss!

The snow was slightly slow early on, but my hot wax the night before didn’t seem mind too much, however Guy was in need of a little more speed, so we interrupted our first sesh with a trip to the car for a quick rub on, after that, we sessioned the one run available for hours, where they’d set up a stair set with a few rails that had been set up for the Stairway to Shreddin feature. There was a solid contingent of riders throwing down on it throughout the day. After a while, we were feeling in need of some refreshments, we made our way up to the bar in the lodge for some $2.50 local Badger Mountain beers, and met up with some familiar faces like Matt Wainhouse, Ryan Browne, Kevin Hanson, T-claught, B-Rad Miller, Chris Melton, Shasta Smiley, Money Mike, Bryan Giddens, Eric Baker, and many others. After our mid day break, we headed back to the hill with a big crew, that soon got even bigger by including Jonah Schlicker and even Austin Sweetin.

Everybody was getting after it, we tore that one run up even more, and I even threw down in the small terrain park that they had set up.

As the end of the day drew closer, we found ourselves sampling a few more of those Badger Mountain beers up in the lodge, and talking all about our first day on the hill amongst each other. As the sun began to set, the chair had ceased to spin, and the parking lot began to empty out, we found ourselves setting up a plan to continue the good times. We ended up settling on the idea to hit up Wally’s in Wenatchee for $4 Bushmills specials, and some crazy live music played by a very exciting local band called Jipsea party. As the night wore on, my whiskies switched to waters, and after the band finished their set, Guy, and I got back in my car, braved the blizzard on Stevens, and completed the round trip back to my bed in just under 24 hours. Opening day this year was a good day!

-Jesse Whitford GCW Bindings

Mission Ridge Opening Day – By Garrett Read

Aaron Kiser

Aaron Kiser – Photo by Bryan Giddens

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