The Lumberjacks “Gnarly by Nature” Full Movie

If you’ve never heard of Revelstoke up in the British Columbia interior, here’s a pretty good insight from a crew of locals calling themselves “The Lumberjacks”. These guys obviously have a great time shredding and sledding around some incredible terrain. Hopefully you’ll find yourself up there soon to get your own taste!

The Lumberjacks are a small snowboarding crew based out of Revelstoke, BC, that were brought together due to a shared passion for the sport. Gnarly by Nature is their second short film, showcasing the the crews talent, Revelstoke’s spectacular terrain, and an intense love for snowboarding. The film is dedicated to their friend the late Connor Gliege. Featuring riding from Danny Leblanc, Joss Shaw, Chris Boyd, Angus Hills, Jean-Guy Michaud, Justin Cahill and friends. Special Thanks to Caitlin Shaw for filming. Enjoy and get hyped for next season!

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