Kevin Hanson Full Snowboard Part 2014

“Kenny’s” a Silent Killer, snowboard,skateboard, whatever and just an all around genuine good guy and that’s why he rides for SPSS. Each rider is different in their own way. I wanted Kev on the team because he’s quiet, super modest, and always smiling, but his riding leaves you thinking “Daaaaaaang! That’s how I wanna throw that trick.” If you’ve seen him on hill then you know what I’m talking about, and if not, well watch out cause he’s gonna be in your face REAL soon! SPSS 4 LIFE BITCHEZ…….

Tony Richards – SPSS

All questions straight from Tony:

What set-up are you riding right now?
DWD MAET with some Union binders

Whats your home mountain?
Stevens Pass

Whats your favorite mountain besides home mountain?
Mt. Baker

What your favorite food, food topping?
Probably some zaw, with almost anything on it

Whats your favorite go-to snowboard trick?
I would probably have to go with a method

Whats your favorite snowboard trick to watch?
Anything with some solid style or maybe just a real good pow turn honestly

Same question but about skating?
Good kick flips, probably just because they are so damn hard

Did you ever rollerblade? with anybody we know?
Yes.. yes i did, just the neighborhood homies i guess

What age did you lose your viginity?

Whats the first board set-up you ever rode?
It was a Ride board and binders

How old were you when you started?

Whos your favorite pro rider?
Thats a tough one, really too many to have one I guess

Name of your first pet? ….. and name of the road you grew up on? That’s your Porn Star name!!!! ie…. Pet (Fluffy) Street (Johnson)
Lexi 20th ST…

Shout outs and Thank you’s?
Shout out to the boys at DWD Snowboards, Analog Clothing and last but not least all the homies at Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop of course. Thank you all so very much!

Kevin Hanson DWD

Kevin Hanson is a shredder who rides Stevens Pass a bunch when he’s not out slaying rails in the streets. Check his season edit from the Catfish Chronicles crew. Filmed By: Garrett Read and Ford Sorita

Kevin Hanson Beer

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