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January at Stevens Pass by Eric Miller - Snowboard Northwest

January at Stevens Pass by Eric Miller

Monthtage [mənθ-ˈtä]: monthly montage. This one contains a little bit of park, a little bit of backcountry, and loads of filler.

Featuring: Matt Wainhouse, Jordon Frager, Joe Bosler, Ryan Tucker, Trevor Schy, Ted McColl, Jack McColl, Austin Pavich, Nick Brown, Matt Christie, Ian Wood, Mike Swearingen, Jonah Schlicker, Connelly Brooks, Ryan Mara, Ryan Browne, Trevin Sims, Justin Hansen.

*What’s the story behind this Monthtage idea?*

A Monthtage is essentially a monthly montage (tried to be clever with the
name but most people don’t get the pun until I explain lol). Basically,
whatever footage we’ve compiled at the end of each month gets thrown into a
trick montage over music. I spent a great deal of time contemplating this
format versus the Travis Rice narration story simply because of the fact
that people these days have the shortest attention spans in human history,
so if you don’t have helicopters filming helicopters then you gotta hold
their attention with jam-packed action and film burns. Film burns get

*Was January a good month shredding for you?*

The beginning of January was killer! Powder, kickers, friends, and sunshine
— everything you could ask for. Everyone was always down to hike and build
and work together, it was really awesome to be a part of. But then the dry
spell swooped in and everyone was forced to migrate to the park, which
wasn’t bad at all because the conditions were identical to Spring. Everyone
loves hucking in sunglasses.

*What caused you to pick up a camera and start shooting?*

The struggle. Honestly I reached a point where I was tired of getting
injured and found solace behind the lens. Before filming, I would get hurt
at least once a season trying to progress my abilities and it was really
discouraging — broken bones, sprains, concussions, etc. During recoveries
I would resort to filming as a way to ride and feel productive. Eventually
it turned into an addiction because it was super fun for me to film other
people. What I found was capturing a trick well brought me almost as much
joy as landing a trick. It was a powerful feeling just knowing that I
encapsulated that moment forever. And what really drove it home was the
riders’ reaction when I would show them the shot — watching them relive
that trick, seeing their level of stoke, and the fact that I now have
footage for editing [the super fun part]. I live for those moments when the
rider does something absolutely amazing and I don’t completely blow the

*What equipment do you use?*

Currently I’m shooting on Canon DSLRs — 5D mkIII and 60D. For lenses, I
use a 70-200mm for long shots; a 24-105mm for medium shots; a 16-35mm for
wide angles, and a 50mm for, well, pretty much anything. In the past I
edited all my videos on Final Cut Pro 7, but literally three weeks ago I
made the switch to Adobe Premeire simply for its seamless workflow with
After Effects.

*Do you shoot other stuff besides snowboarding?*

Yeah guns!!! No but seriously I try to get my hands on as many types of
video projects as I can. In the summer I do weddings, wakeboarding, and
skateboarding. I enjoy doing music videos — mostly Seatttle hip hop stuff.
I’ve shot the Husky Basketball team, fashion lookbooks, web commercials,
hotel showcases, artist interviews, and business profiles. Recently I’ve
been employed by the rad online creators’ platform called ZIIBRA [check em
out] doing video/photo/editing work so I’m super grateful for that
opportunity. It was important to me when I started filming to explore as
many avenues as possible for the sake of bettering myself as a storyteller.
Ever seen a GoPro attached to a chick’s thigh on PornHub? Nope, didn’t
think so… 2014 is going to be a big year for me I think.

*Do you have any tips for aspiring riders who want to get in front of your

Yep! Just be friendly and come say hi. Always down to point the camera in
new directions.

*Who were some of the stars of the Monthtages and were there any personal
highlight moments for you while hanging out with them?*

Matt Wainhouse — single-handedly changed the infamous jump name of
Electric Wu to Electric Wain. Joe Bosler — an all time dude who can throw
huge stylish tricks on command. Ryan Tucker — jump game on lock, you know
he’s gunna land every double-back so you better not miss the shot! Jordon
Frager — so much pop fathers have to hide their daughters. McColl Brothers
— consistent like no other; currently on tour with boy band sensation
Emblem3 so you know their rail game is on lock [Tucker’s there too]. Matt
Christie back 3 tail. RyboRanger. Connelly Brooks the Gandolf grind wizard.
Austin Pavich aka Tang aka the funnest positive dude to ride with, pure
energy, always beaming the cam when he lands a trick, brings me joy. Plus
many many more! So many different riders. So many different styles. I love

*How’s Stevens’ park this year?*

Radical! S/O cat drivers and park crew, puttin’ in work and it shows 😀

*Do you have any sponsors you’d like to thank?*

Yep, the homies at Cake Face and Weatherhead; Nate Dawg in Marketing; and a
special thanks to Tony at SPSS. Support your local!!

*Final thoughts*

Nah, just some shameless plugs… website: ericmillervideo.com  /  Instagram:


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“Afterlife” by Arcade Fire

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