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Jack McColl Snowboarding Full Part - Snowboard Northwest

Jack McColl Snowboarding Full Part

Jack McColl shines in his new Full Part from Fresh Cut Films.

Jack McColl and the rest of the FreshCut boys got after it and put together the best of what they got. He’s based out of the great Pacific NorthWest.

Here’s Jack’s full part from last season with several shots from the 11-12 season. Riding locations include Stevens Pass WA, Hurricane Ridge WA, and Alyeska AK.

Jack McColl Backflip

Jack McColl Backflip at Stevens Pass

Filmed and Produced by FreshCut Films. Edit by Jack McColl

Thanks to Vitalire Clothing, Lib Tech & Gnu snowboards, YUMS snapbacks,and Sequim Dominos

Additional filming: Dan Manning, Evan Applegate, and Rodney Caldwell

Jack McColl interview

Snowboard Northwest:  So Jack McColl, tell us about growing up in Sequim and riding at Hurricane Ridge Ski Area.

Jack McColl:  Sequim was the dopest place to grow up!  We had extremely easy access to the mountains, lake, and ocean. We could easily shred multiple board sports in a day. Hurricane Ridge was always a great spot to go and build back country jumps.  And with the epic crew of people, it was always a good time.

S.N.:  Who sponsors you?

J.M.:  Lib Tech & GNU snowboards, Vitalire Clothing, Findlay Hats, and Sequim Domino’s.

S.N.:  Tell us about your relationship with Mervin Manufacturing.

J.M.:  Lib Tech and GNU have been supporting me since my early years in snowboarding and it’s been great. I love their snowboards and appreciate the support from them!

S.N.:  Who are your favorite people to snowboard with?

J.M.:  It would have to be my brother Ted and good homie Ryan Tucker, we have some epic times ha ha. But honestly, I have so much fun shredding with all the local homies up at Stevens Pass, it’s always the best times.

S.N.:  Of all the Northwest pro riders, who has inspired you the most and why?

J.M.:  The first three riders that pop into mind would probably be Andy Bergin-Sperry, Matt Wainhouse, and Joe Bosler.. Those guys slay it and have been holding it down strong for Stevens the last few years. Riding with them is always sick!

S.N.:  So you and brother Ted both are sponsored riders, is there ever any competition between you and if so, what’s a funny example?

J.M.:  Well we’re brothers so we’re always low key competing with each other ha ha. But it’s really sick because it pushes each of us to go even bigger and gnarlier. If he can’t land a trick and I stomp it first try, he gets pissed ha ha. But hey it could go either way on who lands it first.

S.N.:  What’s your favorite trick to do and why?

J.M.:  Such a difficult question!  It would have to be between a f.s. 7 melon or a switch b.s. 5.

S.N.:  Tell us about your part in your production by your company Fresh Cut Films

J.M.:  For filming, Ted, Ryan, and myself split it up for the most part. I do the majority of the editing.

S.N.:  So you traveled up to Alaska last year, how did that come about and what was your experience like?

J.M.:  Well ever since Ted and I were younger, our dad Stu always took us on family shred trips.  And last year he decided to treat us with that epic trip to AK! Stu’s the man!

S.N.:  What was your best day on the hill last season?

J.M.:  There’s no way I could only pick one day!  But the day with 39″ of fresh powder was pretty banger! Along with the many epic journeys exploring deep out of bounds.  One of my favorite park days was definitely sending it off a jump called junks when they were claiming it was a 70′ gap with my good homies Ryan Tucker, Matt Wainhouse, Ryan Browne, and my brother Ted.

S.N.:  Any plans on learning a double cork this season?

J.M.:  I’ve done some in the past but would definitely be hyped to stomp some more and gain some consistency!

S.N.:  Stevens Pass is your home mountain, what’s your favorite place to ride there?

J.M.:  I’ve got some secret spots 😉

S.N.:  Anything else to add, like a personal motto?

J.M.:  Motto: “Everyday’s a banger, stay stoked!”


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