Jack McColl Full Snowboard Part 2014

You should definitely take the time to check out some riding from Jack McColl. He brings a great energy to every session he is part of and always has a huge smile. You can tell he truly loves being on his snowboard and then that shows through his boarding and style. Hope when you watch his part it makes you as hyped to snowboard as it does for me. Be on the lookout for more great riding to come from him. – Joe Bosler

How did you get introduced to snowboarding?

My first time snowboarding was at Mission Ridge when I was 11. I had to convince my dad to switch over from skiing and I remember it being the sketchiest thing ever, bouncing from edge to edge with no control haha.

Any favorite movies, mags, riders, that inspired you growing up?

White Balance was my all time fave as kid, but besides that, That’s It That’s All with Travis Rice was a film that really inspired me to snowboard. And locally, the Wild Card Movies crew brought some serious stoke with such a sick crew of riders that held it down for the Northwest! Bosler and the boys always killed it.

Tell us about Hurricane Ridge and what it taught you about snowboarding.

Having easy access to Hurricane Ridge from my hometown of Sequim was awesome. Ryan Tucker, my brother Ted, and I would always find cool spots to throw up wedges and have a kick-ass time. Eventually, local Lib-Tech ripper Ethan Strahan took us under his wing and really showed us the proper way to build booters and ride the backcountry. Jump sessions with him taught me so much and really gave me a good foundation for snowboarding.

You and your brother Ted have a good relationship, Whats it like having a brother who’s always down for the cause?

It’s pretty cool. We are usually on the same page with things so there’s usually a lot of motivation for what ever it is we’re doing, whether it’s shredding the snow, producing videos, or just straight having a good time. It’s also really cool seeing other similar brothers like John and Eric Jackson, the Helgason’s, or more locally the Ennen’s


Lib Tech snowboards, Mervin Manufacturing, Findlay Hats, Vitalire Clothing, and Switchback Bindings.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Having a killer time with all my friends is my favorite way to spend my free time, whether it’s skating mini ramps, surfing, or partying. But if I’m on the productive side of things, you’ll probably catch me editing some video or studying business at UW

Talk about last season for you and how it went down.

Last season was crazy! To start out, I was posted up in Skykomish, which gave me super good access to Stevens Pass. December though January was sick because whenever it was deep pow, we rode pow, but when it wasn’t so good, we mobbed over to Mission Ridge for some private rope tow sessions! It was nuts though, in December, my good hometown homie Drew Chadwick called me and basically said, “pack your bags and come join us on our first national headliner tour.” His band Emblem3 had recently placed 4th on the X Factor show and their latest single topped the iTunes charts. Long story short, Ryan, Ted and myself couldn’t say no to such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In addition to the video production we were responsible for, they would have us skate the quarter pipe they had on stage in front of thousands of people on a nightly basis, it was insane. Once the tour ended, we made it back to the Northwest in April with only a few months left. With so much time cut out of our season, it gave us a lot of motivation to keep shredding into the summer months. In late June we took on the challenge of the meatgrinder, which was a step up at be built at Stevens Pass that gapped over huge boulders. It was an all-time session with an all-time group of guys that basically wrapped up the season for us.

Any plans for the season?

As always, my plan for the season is to have as much fun as I can with my best friends. Specifically, I’ll be posted up in Skykomish again and ripping Stevens Pass and the surrounding backcountry as much as possible! There’s also some talk about a Japan trip, so that might happen… we’ll see. But I’m definitely trying to build as many booters as we can, shred some sick lines, and progress as much as I can. I’ll be filming and constantly producing edits with the crew, so if you’re down to stay tuned on what we’re doing throughout the season, hit me up on the good ol’ Instagram – @jackmccoll and @FreshCutFilms

What do you like about shredding in the NW?

My favorite part about shredding the NW is the huge network of awesome people that I shred with. It’s not what you do; it’s who you do it with. Whether it’s riding Stevens, Baker, Mission, or Hurricane, there are always so many positive people that consistently raise the stoke and keep everyone motivated.

How did it feel to play your movie in front of 500 at the SBNW Fest, and to have the audience vote your video for The Snowboard Northwest Fest 2014 Viewers Choice award?

It was so epic! I’ve attending snowboard premiere’s since I was in high school and it was something that I’ve always dreamed of doing. To have the opportunity to be part of such a sick event and play it in front of so many of my friends was absolutely all-time. I want to give a huge shout out to Snowboard Northwest for doing such a good job hosting the event, to the companies that support me doing what I love, and most importantly to all my awesome friends that made it out and raised the stoke to the highest level possible!

Photo by Jimmy Hickey

Photo by Jimmy Hickey

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