Reader Dan McDougall shares his thoughts on Hurricane Ridge Ski Area

We’re cultivating culture, and here’s proof! We recently posted that motto on Facebook and shortly after, received this message from Dan McDougall. Dan is proof that the Northwest has people filled with passion that love their mountains. He decided to share his photos and thoughts on Hurricane Ridge over on the Olympic Peninsula. Thanks for the stoke Dan!

“Little intro: My name is Dan McDougall, I’m a long time rider of Stevens Pass. I’m an avid snowboarder, skater, artist and craft beer nut.

I saw your post last night about cultivating culture. I had a good thought for a post of some sort. The last two weekends have been epic in the Olympic Mountains. Hurricane Ridge doesn’t open much, but when it does its unreal. There is one Poma lift and a few rope toes out there, but the terrain that you can access for the help of those up hill pushers is really amazing. I attached some photos to give you some visuals of what its like up there when its on. Everyone there has a great vibe and half the Mervin factory is there shredding pow. I even ran into the Ranger taking some turns an hour after she pulled me over on the way up.

Just thought it would be awesome to give this northwest hidden gem some love.


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