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Daniel Silverberg and I started Waist Deep Media about a year ago. We focus mainly on snowboarding/skiing and fly fishing. I do the editing and a little of the filming but Danny is the main guy behind the lens. My younger brother Ryan is probably strongest rider in our crew and joined the team this year. We each have our own piece of the puzzle which helps us stay efficient and productive I think. We all have regular jobs so we don’t get to ride 3-5 days a week but we make the most of the time we have.
We all grew up here in Seattle and Stevens Pass has always been our home since the very first time we began snow sliding almost twenty years ago. We started skating when we were younger and snowboarding was a natural transition. Ryan and I are over 6ft and 200lbs so we slam hard. Snow is a lot more forgiving than concrete. We liked that part.
Having Stevens as our home mountain is the best! There are so many good riders and all around talented friendly people here. It’s great to work with them. It just has the perfect vibe and terrain that seems to always reveal new secrets. Even on the weekends when it’s crowded you can just hike a little ways and get away.
We think Washington and the Pacific Northwest in general is about as great a place as there is. The mountains here are an enormous playground. You just have to get out there and explore. The seasons here work out perfect for us too because right when most of the snow has melted the rivers are usually starting to come into good shape and trout season begins. Then when falls ends the season pretty much does too and we get back into winter mode. I can’t see myself living anywhere else right now it’s perfect here.

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