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Canon 5d Mark iii for Snowboarding - Snowboard Northwest
jeremy stoked filming – photo by Brad Andrew

Canon 5d Mark iii for Snowboarding


The Canon 5d Mark iii is the evolved version of Canon previous ground breaking camera, the 5d Mark ii. As an owner of a 5d Mark ii, I figured it would be smart to upgrade to the latest version so I can use some of its newer features and shoot video a little easier than on the 5d Mark ii. In reality its a very similar camera. It does have longer filming capabilities than the 5d Mark ii, which is great for interviews. I can’t tell you how many times I would have to stop someone mid-sentence while re-starting the recording on the Mark ii, which stops recording automatically around 12 minutes into filming.

Its exterior is beautifully designed and works toward a highest standard . The waterproofing and durability of the camera is a major plus

I take my cameras through a lot of work which the average camera never has to experience. I expose it to snow and cold conditions on a regular basis. When it comes to shooting snowboarding, if you want shots of snowy days, you have to bust out your camera and start filming. This is where you need a camera you can trust like the 5d Mark iii to stay working even in wet, cold, or downright frozen conditions.

Distinctive Camera

The Canon 5d Mark iii is a camera that provides pleasure to the helmsman who knows how to get the shot. It has a 22.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and a new high-performance DIGIC 5+ Image Sensor.

The main things I really like are the ability to take this camera on the go and get great shots. While its not the lightest camera around, it makes up for that with great features. The full-frame sensor enables me to get a nice depth of field when shooting riders airing above mountain landscapes. A definite downfall is that when you pan too fast theres a warping/wobble effect.

  1. Newly designed 22.3 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  2. New 61-Point High Density Reticular AF
  3. EOS HD Video with manual exposure control and multiple frame rates (1080: 30p (29.97) / 24p (23.976) / 25p, 720: 60p (59.94) / 50p, 480: 30p (29.97) / 25p) with 4 GB automatic file partitioning (continuous recording time 29 minutes 59 seconds), selectable “All i-frame” or IPB compressions, embedded timecode, manual audio level control while recording, and headphone terminal.

This camera impresses with the low-light resolution that enables you to bump up the iso quite high without losing too much notable resolution.

Model Specifications Overview

Model 5D Mark iii 6D 5D Mark ii
Year 2012 2013 2008
Sensor DIGIC 5+ DIGIC 5+ DIGIC 4
Effective Pixels 22.3MP 20.2MP 21.1


This camera was designed and built with extreme attention, the photos you take will impress more than just your family and friends. You may find yourself published in all the magazines.

Good Things

  • Relatively Small and Portable
  • More Waterproofing than 5d Mark ii
  • Comfortable feel of Handgrip
  • New features like Multi-Exposure, More AF Points, and Longer Recording Times
  • Shoots video and photos at a High Quality

Bad Things

  • No 1080p 60 video WTF?
  • Can't record over 30 minutes continuously
  • Not a huge leap over the 5d Mark ii for price difference.
  • Not Wifi enabled like the 6D

The Breakdown

Usability for Snowboarding
Slow Motion
Video Quality

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