Brand Profile: Vitalire Clothing

A little behind the scenes look at Vitalire Clothing Company based out of the Northwest. Take a peak and see what really motivates these guys to produce quality goods, and the ideas that back their brand. Directed by Carson Artac.

Vitalire print press

Vitalire print press

Interview by Jeremy Dubs

Can you please introduce yourself and let us know a little about your background?
Craig Davis, born and raised in the northwest. My number one goal in life is to enjoy. Traveling and experiences mean so much more than material things.

What is the concept and meaning of the name Vitalire?
‘Vital’ is ‘life’, ‘ire’ means to have a deep passion for something. Hence, Vitalire. Having a deep passion for life. Our motto is “Live with Passion” and that is the message we want to spread.

How did you start your brand, and who is involved?
We started with “The Evergreen State” design, made a few for ourselves and friends, then more people wanted them, so we made more. Then we made more. Once we saw the potential to create something for ourselves, we had some very long talks, planned things out, and gave it a go. No loans or investors, everything came from within. One of the biggest reasons for our success so far are the people that are involved.

Myself and Conner Cave own the brand together. I handle the business and marketing while Conner is in charge of production and inventory. But beyond us we have a top notch team, everyone with so much passion and input. Our team riders have become our family. We’re so lucky to have Jordan Ingmire as our photographer and he also designs a few pieces for each line. Ian Wood is one of the most passionate and nice people we’ve known and is an incredible snowboarder with an awesome future. The McColl brothers (Jack and Ted) have been huge in our growth, spreading the brand so hard through social media and also shredding so hard. As well as Ryan Tucker. Aaron Witherell is one of the best wakesurf athletes in the world. Chris Howell is traveling on the super cross circuit riding with the best in the world and holding his own. John Peeters is a 5 time national hydro champion, the best in the country. We just linked up with Shanny Cohen, a killer slopestyle ski and motocross athlete out of Idaho. Everyone involved is what makes Vitalire what it is, there’s no way for one second Conner and I would be able to grow the brand without the help and input of this family.

What makes Vitalire different than other apparel companies?
Live with Passion and our 3 Core Principles. Read the our mission statement “The Goal” and “Sustainability, Quality, Community” on the About page of our website for elaboration on this.

What things inspire your designs?
Our designs come from so many different places that it’s hard to say. Overall I would say they are inspired by the concept of living an enjoyable, care-free life.

How did you link up with Carson to film this video and what was the process of bringing it to completion?
Carson contacted us to do this video for a project he was working on. We closed up shop and spent a day filming. After that Carson spent a few weeks and put together the top notch video you see! Such a pleasure working with Carson, and we couldn’t be more stoked on how the video turned out. Sends a perfectly simple message.

What are some challenges and benefits that come from running your own business? The challenges and benefits are many. Being responsible for everything is both the biggest challenges and benefit at the same time. You get to make the decisions, watch your business grow, and I am very proud of everything we’ve done so far. But you are also responsible for everything not so great as well, making sure all the bills can be paid (and business comes with A LOT of bills), unlimited supply of paperwork, taxes, emails, accounting… If you work 40 hours, you don’t get paid for 40 hours. Income is not guaranteed by any means. But there is also no ceiling on potential.

The biggest misconception? “You can make your own hours.” Absolutely not. The job never ends because as the owner there is ALWAYS something more you can do, something you can improve, someone who needs your help with something. Sure it might be a little easier to get a day off for vacation, but when other people go on vacation they have no work, I go on vacation with a laptop. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Do you think being from the Northwest gives you a different perspective than other locales? I sure do. I think the northwest is very well-rounded. I’ve been all over and nothing compares to the nw. I like to think that being based here gives a deeper appreciation for everything.

How has the Vitalire brand grown since it was founded?
Since we were founded in 2009 we have grown from just Conner and myself to us plus a family of one graphic designer, one gal who handles all of our sewing, an account rep, and 14 sponsored athletes in 8 different sports. We have also expanded through 3 different buildings in the last 2 years. Added in-house production, then doubled it.
Do you think its important to support the local community? Extremely. One of our 3 Core Principles is ‘Community.’ We are always looking to give back. We work closely with the American Cancer Society and have helped raise thousands of dollars for cancer research through events like Relay for Life and Hope on the Slopes. We’ve worked with Rotary Club International to help fund a top notch park for our local community. We donate misprinted shirts to a local clothing charity. Etc. Without our community supporting us we would be nothing, so we support back.

Is Vitalire involved in any events?
We have a presence at events throughout the year. We host the annual Open Season rail jam at Stevens Pass. We’re at the Mastercraft Pro Wake Tour, events at the Gorge, etc. We donate and sponsor Relay for Life every year. We also host a number of parties and events at our warehouse. We do our best to get involved with as many events as we can throughout the year.

Whats the future hold for your brand?
Continued growth, build our network of retailers so people can easily get their hands on Vitalire at their local shop. More events, more fun, more travel.

Tips for artists following their dreams?
Do it. If you can find a way to create your own path, do it.

Additional thoughts….
Go to and order some shirts! Support local, support northwest, and help us continue to support all the great people who are involved in this amazing journey!

Any thank yous?
The biggest thank you to our team, to Carson for putting this video together, to SnowboardNorthwest for the love, and to everyone who has supported Vitalire these past years.

Vitalire screenprinting

Vitalire screenprinting

Craig Davis - Vitalire Clothing Co-Owner

Craig Davis – Vitalire Clothing Co-Owner

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