Andy Stern Snowboarder Profile

Go behind the scenes with Andy Stern in this video. Andy grew up riding Stevens Pass and it remains his favorite place to ride. He enjoys snowboarding park and backcountry, especially building jumps while out snowmobiling. His hometown is Seattle, Washington. He’s traveled from Cooke City, Montana to South Lake Tahoe and back to the Northwest.

His unique style and positive attitude makes his snowboarding interesting to watch. He always has a good times with his friends and he loves getting crazy on his snowmobile.

Andy has been featured in all three movies by Wildcard. How the Northwest Was One, The Saturday Night Ride, and the all new 2013 release Shred-A-Vision can be found on iTunes.

Get Shred-A-Vision on iTunes here:

Some of his favorite things to do are frontside cork spins and jibbing wall rides.

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