Airtime Pow Sessions by Matt Wainhouse

Watch Matt Wainhouse’s latest footy release from the 2013 season, “Airtime Pow Sessions.” Frager, Penny, Max, Michigan, Kehoe, Marvin, Blake, Tucker and many more homies throwin’ down! Watch it.

Matt Wainhouse is a boss, releasing new edits from Stevens all the time. His GoPro is always on.

Matt has a pretty good editing style and he’s always in the right moment to capture the shot. Check out a short interview with Matt Wainhouse below.

Who are you and why is snowboarding your passion?

I’m a normal kid from Bothell, WA. I started skiing at a pretty young age but when I first strapped in a snowboard at 9 years old I never really looked back. Snowboarding is definitely the number 1 passion, especially in the past 6 years. It’s something I’ve excelled in, my best friends are into it, you meet the coolest people, adventures are endless, simply being in the mountains is blissful, and it’s one of the most fun things you could possibly do with your time.

What is the Airtime Pow Sessions video all about?

It’s pretty much just about poking around your local mountain with your friends and having a party on a fun, soft, powder jump.

How did you get all these shots, was this all with a Gopro?

Yep. I kept my trusty GoPro in the pocket or my bag all last season and documented the best days.

What do you enjoy most about filming and editing videos?

Editing wise, I like creating a good feeling and stoking out my friends, locals and other riders. I’ve been making videos for a long time, but they’ve never have had much of a professionalism to them. Maybe it’s time for me to step my game up. Filming wise I like follow-caming good riders because it gives a cool perspective. It can be tough to keep it steady but you get better at it. Also, my style requires almost no set-up time so it’s easy and riders are down to film.

Who are your current sponsors?

Capita hooks up totally awesome decks. Union bindings attach me to my board (they last forever so I don’t need too many). 686 is keeping me warm and dry. Coal headwear keeps blood flowing to my brain. Casual Industrees stimulated the northwest spirit. SPSS is the local homie hangout and Stevens Pass is our playground!

Heard you just graduated, how does it feel to be done with school?

Yeah I just graduated with a degree in Marketing from Western Washington University. It feels great to be out of school only to become a full on snowboard bum.

Any plans for this season?

No real solid plans other than shred Stevens Pass with my friends. Definitely shred Mt. Baker a little. Hopefully I’ll get in a resort trip up to Whistler and down to Mammoth. We’ll see how things play out!

What future edits/videos can we expect from Wainhouse Productions?

A couple more fun edits from last season will be dropping soon, and hopefully one from this season as soon as the freshies fly!

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