Absinthe Heavy Mental Seattle Premiere

Absinthe Films recently had a premier for their newest release titled Heavy Mental. The production crew from Absinthe Films has been at the peak of quality for a number of years. When it comes to artistically filmed shred movies with the world’s top riders you never expect them to disappoint. This year’s movie was one of their best yet. Right out of the gate, local snowboarding hero Austen Sweeten put down one of the best video parts we’ve ever seen. Absinthe founder and primary cinematographer Justin Hostynek himself said that one particular jump Austen hits in the movie was the biggest jump he’d ever filmed. Austen’s opener was a solid double part with a backcountry kicker section followed up with a solid urban rail section.

All in all the riding was top notch through the film. The other riders that stood out were Jason Robinson for his inventive big mountain riding with urban styled creativity, Blair Habenicht for his all terrain mastery including an impressive chute/pillow/backcountry line, Manuel Diaz had a short but impressive part, Ozzie Henning and Scot Brown had a heavy urban section, and Bode Merrill finished it all up with an impressive urban/backcountry booter section that included crazy tricks such as a double cork Miller flip and a one footed backflip over the famous Park City Chad’s gap.

The movie was a success and afterwards the locals got together on the streets and around local bars like the Iron Bull, Moon Temple Bar, and the Octopus to pound shots, and PBR tallboys. Most everyone in attendance was shocked that we are already getting closer to snowboarding. With the shorter days and colder temps looming, our first turns of the 2014-2015 season are coming soon.

After the film, we asked some local shredders “Who’s part got you the most stoked to go shred?” Here are their responses:

Austen” – Russell Winfield

That’s a no brainer, Austen Sweetin AKA The Truth!!” – Austin Hironaka

Loved seeing the local heroes. Blair, Manuel, Austen. J-Rob inspires me” – Tim Carlson

Austen and Blair” – Ryan Tucker

Sweetin had an incredible opener, he set the bar high. Manuel Diaz, Blair Habenicht, Ozzy Henning, Scot Brown, Bode all memorable. Man the whole movie was solid, heavy dose of pow” – Aaron Cardwell

I was stoked for all the boys. The Sweetin breakout part, Blair, J Rob, and Crepel from our crew ripping, Wolle’s no-boarding, and Bode elevated snowboarding again” – Pete Saari

I would say that Blair’s part but then Bode’s part came on. Even though he had that stupid 49’ers hat on!!!” – Eddie King

Austen Sweetin for sure. Northwest ripper doing big things. The big jump part was insane!” – Jack McColl

Austen and Bode with his crazy one footing” – Guy Firth

Absinthe Films Heavy Mental Premiere in Seattle was going off.

Absinthe Films Heavy Mental Premiere in Seattle was going off.

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